Effective Python

Python’s growing popularity and ease of use make it an easy choice for anyone wanting to learn how to program.  Python’s simplicity is also deceiving.  Like many languages, Python has it’s share of quirks and nuances that can make a programmer’s life miserable when the unexpected happens.

Once you are comfortable working with Python, I highly recommend getting a copy of Effective Python, 59 Specific Ways to Write Better Python, by Brett Slatkin.  This book will help you to become more familiar with best practices, common mistakes, pitfalls, execution and performance, code re-usability, debugging, and much more.

Each chapter of Effective Python is self-contained and includes short and effective code samples to demonstrate the concepts presented.  The book is small and packed with useful insights to help you write Pythonic code.

Effective Python serves as an excellent reference, having a value that far exceeds it’s cover price, and is a welcome addition to my ever growing library of Python books.

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Effective Python – 59 Specific Ways to Write Better Python, by Brett Slatkin (Addison-Wesley), ISBN-13:  978-0-13-403428-7, ISBN-10:  0-13-403428-7.  Pages:  227.

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