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Effective Python

Python’s growing popularity and ease of use make it an easy choice for anyone wanting to learn how to program.  Python’s simplicity is also deceiving.  Like many languages, Python has it’s share of quirks and nuances that can make a

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Method Matters and OEE

Tricks of the Trade  Work smarter not harder! If we’re honest with ourselves, we realize that sometimes we have a tendency to make things more difficult than they need to be. A statistics guru once asked me why a sample size of

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OEE – Its not what you know …

It’s not what you know but what you understand that matters most.  ~ Redge Discerning  perceived knowledge from real understanding is a challenge for many leaders.  To memorize facts and figures and to correctly answer related questions simply by recalling this

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Collaboration …

Great minds don’t necessarily think alike, they think together. ~ Redge How many times have you heard someone say you should just set aside your differences and move on? I suggest that bringing our differences to the table is an

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Learning From Mistakes

An event occurred this afternoon that required an immediate resolution. When asked whether we were going to pursue the root cause, I could only respond with this question: What’s the point of making mistakes if we’re not going to learn

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Goals Without Means Are Meaningless

The new year is upon us and, as is typical for this time of year, resolutions are one of the primary topics of conversation. With just over a week into the new year, it is very likely that the discussions

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Game On – Playing it Safe with Lean

Communicating a concept or methodology in a manner that doesn’t offend the current status quo is likely the biggest challenge we face as lean practitioners and consultants.  In all too many instances it seems that people are open to change as long

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Lean: Beyond Reach!

Almost everything I read or learned suggests that lean was never intended to be complicated. The simplest definition of lean I have read to date follows: Focus on what matters and eliminate what doesn’t This is not to suggest that

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Waste: The Devil is in the Details …

I planned to publish this yesterday but for some reason I felt compelled to wait. I doubt it was fate, but as you will see, Toyota once again managed to serendipitously substantiate my reason for it. I was originally  inspired to write this post based

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What did you expect? Benchmarking and Decisions – for better or worse.

What did you expect? Benchmarking & Decisions – for better or worse I recognize that benchmarking is not a new concept.  In business, we have learned to appreciate the value of benchmarking at the “macro level” through our deliberate attempts to establish a

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