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OEE – Its not what you know …

It’s not what you know but what you understand that matters most.  ~ Redge Discerning  perceived knowledge from real understanding is a challenge for many leaders.  To memorize facts and figures and to correctly answer related questions simply by recalling this

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Goals Without Means Are Meaningless

The new year is upon us and, as is typical for this time of year, resolutions are one of the primary topics of conversation. With just over a week into the new year, it is very likely that the discussions

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Instant Turnaround for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Instant Turnaround Did you know that your leadership style may be affecting your Overall Equipment Effectiveness?  A highly engaged and motivated workforce is the one single distinguishing trait of the top companies in industry today.  Most leaders and managers alike recognize that having the right people

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Cost Weighted OEE and other free OEE Spreadsheet Templates

OEE Spreadsheet Templates – One Click Closer: As the days of summer are upon us, we thought it would be good idea to make it easier for you to access our free downloads so you can spend more time doing

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OEE and the Quality Factor

Many articles written on OEE (ours being the exception), indicate or suggest that the quality factor for OEE is calculated as a simple percentage of good parts from the total of all parts produced.  While this calculation may work for

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